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How to set up a custom URL shortener

Dropshare for Mac supports a wide variation of custom URL shortener services. To set up a custom URL shortener, open the Preferences and select the Uploads tab.

Besides dsh.re and goo.gl, Dropshare for Mac supports setting up your very own URL shortener solution. You are required to set up two preferences to make a custom URL shortener work:

Preference Meaning
Custom endpoint URL URL to your custom URL shortener or its API. The URL could look like:
Parameter name Name of the request parameter that Dropshare for Mac adds to the given endpoint URL. The value for this parameter will be the original URL to the uploaded file.
HTTP method Select HTTP method to use for requesting the shortened URL
Content type Select HTTP Content Type for the request

Dropshare for Mac understands a JSON or plaintext formatted response. If your API returns plaintext, the app expects the response to be only the shortened URL, e.g. http://shorten.er/aik9X. In case your API returns a JSON formatted string, the app expects the shortened URL in the key shorturl. An example JSON formatted response could be:

  "status": "success",
  "message": "http://getdropsha.re added to database",
  "shorturl": "http://shorten.er/aik9X",
  "statusCode": 200

Dropshare for Mac will ignore everything but the shorturl key.

Compatible (open source) URL shorteners

Dropshare for Mac is compatible with several (open source) URL shorteners, including (but not limited to):

If you'd like to have better support for a custom URL shortener, please drop us a line.

Debugging a custom URL shortener

In case Dropshare for Mac is unable to work with your custom URL shortener, please consult the logs. The app will verbosely log the response it got for its request, and most likely tell you why it couldn't parse the shortened URL out of it. Please submit a support request in case you need help debugging an error with custom URL shorteners. Please make sure to include all logs produced by Dropshare for Mac.

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