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How to set up a Cloudflare R2 connection

Dropshare 5.20 or newer

Dropshare supports connections to Rackspace R2. To set up a connection to a Rackspace R2 bucket, you need to create a Custom S3 API-Compliant Connection in the Connections preferences after you've created the bucket in the R2 Dashboard.

Step 1: Create Bucket

To create your Rackspace R2 Bucket to use with Dropshare, log in to the R2 Dashboard, and click on R2 in the menu. Choose Create Bucket and enter a bucket name. After creating the bucket, select Settings and allow public access by clicking Allow Access under Bucket Access. Use the Public Bucket URL as Domain Alias (without https://).

Step 2: Get Access Keys

Navigate back to the R2 dashboard, select Manage R2 API Tokens and Create API Token. Choose Edit as permission and a TTL of your choice. You will need to replace the token in Dropshare after the Time To Live has been exceeded. 

Note the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Step 3: Set Up Connection

Go to the Dropshare preferences, open the Connections tab, and choose to create a new Custom S3-API Compliant Conneciton.

Bucket Name Name of the bucket from step 1
Access Key Access Key from step 2
Secret Key Secret Key from step 2
Server Bucket address from Bucket Details site (without https:// and without /bucketname)
Domain Alias Public Bucket address from Step 1 (without https://)
Use SSL Enable
Use Path-Style URL Disable
Use AWS v2 Signature Disable
Omit ACL Header Enable
Disable Multipart Uploads Enable

Click Test Connection to make sure everything has been set up correctly, and you're done!

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