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How to set up a Google Cloud Storage connection

Dropshare 5.16 and newer

To set up a connection to a Google Cloud Storage bucket, you need to create an Google Cloud Storage Connection in the Connections preferences after you've created the bucket in your Google Cloud console.

Step 1: Create Bucket

To create your Google Cloud Storage bucket to use with Dropshare, log in to the Google Cloud console, locate Cloud Storage, click on Browser, and Create Bucket. Enter a name and select a region of your choice. Create the bucket.

Under Permissions, add a new permission. As Principal, select enter allUsers, and role Storage Object Viewer.


Please confirm the warning that the bucket will be publicly accessible, so files uploaded with Dropshare can be accessed by URL.

Step 2: Create User And JSON Private Key

Follow the Guide on Creating and managing service account keys in the Google Cloud documentation and create a JSON Private Key for a Dropshare user. 

Go back to your bucket's Permissions preferences, and add a new permission for the newly created user with the role Storage Admin.

Step 3: Set Up Connection

Go to the Dropshare preferences, open the Connections tab, and choose to create a new Google Cloud Storage connection.

Bucket Name Name of the Bucket from step 1
JSON Private Key JSON Private Key from step 2
Domain Alias If you have a separate domain you want to use, enter it here, e.g. http://my-bucket.com/


Click Test Connection to make sure everything has been set up correctly, and you're done!



Alternative: Set up Google Cloud Storage as S3 API-compliant connection

Google Cloud Storage is Amazon S3 API-compliant. To use Google Cloud Storage with Dropshare for macOS, follow this steps:

Create a new bucket in Google Cloud Platform. Make sure object-level and bucket-level permissions are enabled.


Next, enable interoperability. Navigate to Settings, and select Interoperability. Select create a new key to create S3 API-compatible access and secret keys.

Open Dropshare for macOS, and create a new S3 API-compatible connection in the connection preferences. Use your bucket name, the access and private key from Google Cloud Platform, and storage.googleapis.com as server address.


Make sure to enable SSL and Path-Style URLs. You're all good!

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