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Upload history is not synced between iOS/macOS devices

The upload history is synchronised accross different devices using Apple iCloud. From time to time and in rare cases, the upload history synchronisation of Dropshare can temporarily stop working. There are several ways to troubleshoot:

To begin with, keep the app open on the devices you want to synchronise the upload history and give it a little time. If nothing happend after 15 minutes, try the following.

Recreate Database

If the synchronisation does not recover itself, you can delete the cloud database so Dropshare restores it automatically from scratch. No data will be lost.

On your Mac, open Terminal.app and navigate to the following directory:

cd /Users/tj/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~net~mkswap~Dropshare4/

This is the synchronised iCloud directory which contains the Dropshare data. You can then delete the synchronisation database. Make sure Dropshare is not running on all devices.

rm -rf com.mentalfaculty.ensembles.clouddata

Wait 10 minutes in order for the changes to propagate to all devices. Then start Dropshare again. It will automatically restore the database, and your upload history will be synchronised to all your devices again.

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