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How to automate the deployment of Dropshare for MacOS

Dropshare 5.0.4 and later

For site and team installations, Dropshare offers several options to automate the deployment of the app.

License Activation

In order to automatically activate the licensing of the app, provide the following launch parameters to it:

Parameter Description
-licenseCode License Code (individual or site licenses)
-licenseEmail Email address associated with license code


Connection Import

To automatically import connections to the app on startup, provide the following launch parameters to it (can be repeated for multiple connections):

Parameter Description
-importConnection Path to .dsconn file to import
-importPassphrase Passphrase for decryption of connection file


Sample Usage

Below is a sample of how to start the app with launch parameters in your deployment setup:

open /Applications/Dropshare.app --args -importConnection "/Users/test/test.dsconn" -importPassphrase "test" -importConnection "/Users/test/test2.dsconn" -importPassphrase "test2" -licenseCode "aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeee" -licenseEmail "test@example.com"
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