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Why does Dropshare for iOS need to download the AppStore purchase receipt?

With version 2.0, we have introduced Dropshare Cloud, our easy file hosting service. In order to offer Dropshare for iOS for Dropshare Cloud subscribers, we are now offering Dropshare for iOS free of charge in the iOS AppStore. The features existing customers have paid for (using any file hosting service supported by Dropshare for iOS other than Dropshare Cloud) are now unlocked by purchasing Dropshare Pro, an In-App Purchase offered by the iOS app.

As we will not ask our existing customers to pay again for features they have already paid for, the app needs to download the original iOS AppStore receipt to validate your existing purchase so it can offer you to upgrade free of charge to Dropshare Pro.

We hope that is a reasonable process and are happy to answer all questions about this.

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