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How to set up a Google Drive connection

Dropshare 4.1 and newer

Dropshare is able to use Google Drive as storage service for its uploads. To set up a Google Drive connection, go to the Connections tab in the Dropshare preferences and select "Google Drive".

In the popup window, choose Sign in to Google Drive and authenticate with your Google account in the following step. You are directly authenticating with Google - Dropshare will never see your Google account credentials.

When being asked for, allow Dropshare to create and access files it created in your Google Drive.

That's it. You can optionally test the connection to see if everything worked.

Google Drive connections do not support landing pages

Because Google Drive stops supporting hosting of web pages, Dropshare's landing pages won't be rendered correctly when hosted on Google Drive. Therefore, for Google Drive connections, no landing pages will be uploaded. Read more.

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