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How to use Dropshare Zone?

Dropshare 5.40 or later

Dropshare Zone does no longer require Accessibility permissions in order to work. It also works with files dragged & dropped from all applications.


Dropshare 4.3.1 or later

Dropshare Zone adds a large and easy-to-use drop zone for uploading files with Dropshare to your screen. When enabled, as soon as you start dragging a file, Dropshare Zone will appear at the screen position of your choice. Just drop the file you want to upload on it to start uploading.

Dropping a file on Dropshare Zone has the same functionality like dropping it on the menu bar item (hold Option ⌥ to skip the landing page, hold Command ⌘ for choosing a connection prior uploading), you just don't have to aim that precisely. :)

We have created a short screencast which demonstrates Dropshare Zone.

When enabling Dropshare Zone for the first time, you will be asked for grant Dropshare permission to access Assistive Devices. Read more.

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