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How to set up an OpenStack Swift connection

Dropshare 4 or newer

Dropshare 4 supports connections to OpenStack Swift storage servers. To set up a connection to an OpenStack Swift instance, enter the following information after selecting Custom S3 API-Compliant Connection in the Connections preferences:

  • Bucket name
  • Access Key (You need to create an AWS/S3 key pair)
  • Secret Key  (You need to create an AWS/S3 key pair)
  • Server (e.g. storage.yourprovider.com)
  • Custom URL (e.g. https://storage.yourprovider.com/v1/AUTH_xyz/bucket_name)

Optionally enable SSL if you wish to upload files using an encrypted HTTPs connection.

You should test the connection to make sure everything has been set up correctly.


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