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The host key for the given server has changed

Dropshare validates the host key for the given SSH server before sending your credentials to it. In case the host key changed since it has been first added to Dropshare's known hosts file, Dropshare won't proceed until you either validated and updated the SSH host key manually. You can disable this behaviour, though we strongly recommend to not do this for security reasons.

To disable SSH host key validation, execute the following command in your command line:

defaults write net.mkswap.Dropshare4 disableSSHHostKeyValidation YES

Update a changed SSH host key

In case the SSH host key of your server has changed for a legitimate reason, you have to update the knownHosts file of Dropshare to make uploads work again.

Replace example.com with the hostname of your server in the following command you need to execute in Terminal.app:

Dropshare for Mac 3 (Mac App Store)

ssh-keygen -R example.com -f ~/Library/Containers/net.mkswap.Dropshare/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Dropshare/knownHosts

Dropshare for Mac 3 (Standalone)

ssh-keygen -R example.com -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dropshare/knownHosts

Dropshare for Mac 4

ssh-keygen -R example.com -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dropshare\ 4/knownHosts
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