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How to set up FTP/FTPS connections


Dropshare 5.8 and newer

To create an FTP/FTPS connection in Dropshare for Mac, first enter the preferences. Switch to the Connection tab, and create a new connetion.

Select the FTP/FTPS tab for your connection, and enter all required information:

  • Enter the server address (FQDN) or IP address. If you need to specify a custom port, do so: "hostname:port".
  • Enter your FTP user name
  • Enter your FTP password
  • Enter the path where the uploads should be saved, relative from the FTP root
  • Enter the URL where the uploads can be reached (the public URL to the FTP directory)
  • Choose whether to use FTPS (AUTH SSL). You should always prefer encrypted connections!
  • Choose whether to use passive mode 


Press Test Connection to make sure Dropshare is able to connect to the FTP server and successfully upload files.


Please note

Uploads via FTP are being chunked and done in 10 MB parts for better upload performance. Some FTP servers need to be configured in order to allow resuming of uploads / appending of data to existing files. Please refer to the manual of your FTP server for more information.

For ProFTPD e.g. the configuration option AllowStoreRestart needs to be set to On.

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