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How to set up landing pages for uploads

Dropshare optionally creates an HTML landing page for each of your uploads. If you want to enable this feature, open the Preferences and select the Landing page tab.

Select Create landing pages for uploaded files if you want Dropshare to create a landing page for your uploads.

In case you want to disable the landing page for a single upload, press and hold the option key (⌥) while dragging a file to Dropshare.

Custom landing page designs

You can either use the default landing page design, or create your very own design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Select the "Custom" design to enable your own landing page design, and edit the HTML for your design.

Within the HTML, you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web technologies to create your individual landing page design.

Additionally, the following variables are provided and will be automatically replaced:

Variable name Replacement
__FILENAME__ Name of the uploaded file (e.g. for headline)
__PATH__ Path to the uploaded file (e.g. for download link)
__PREVIEW__ Will be replaced with preview image (if possible, e.g. for screenshots)
__FILESIZE__ Formatted filesize (e.g. 128 KB)
__FILETYPE__ Apple Uniform Type Identifier (Read more)
__SHAREDATE__ ISO formatted date of sharing
__PREVIEWURL__ Absolute URL to preview file, required e.g. for Twitter cards or Slack previews (or custom preview implementations)
__LANDINGPAGEURL__ Absolute URL to the landing page
__UNIXSHAREDATE__ Unix Timestamp date of sharing


Free landing page designs

A number of free landing page designs has been submitted by the Dropshare for Mac community. Check them out here.

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