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How can I enable Dropshare integrations?

Dropshare 5.48 and newer

Dropshare for macOS offers an application API that allows other applications to control Dropshare.

It is required to allow external applications to control Dropshare in the General preferences under "Integrations" first.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 20.42.44.png


The following applications already offer extensions or integrations to Dropshare:


Raycast Extension

Upload files, capture screen shots or shorten URLs right from Raycast.


Clop Integration

Upload Clop-optimised images with Dropshare right from your desktop.




Build an integration

To build an integration with Dropshare, the app offers an API for external applications.

The following functionality is currently available with the custom URL scheme dropshare5://

Action Description
dropshare5:///action/capture-fullscreen Capture & upload full screen shot and
dropshare5:///action/capture-selection Capture & upload selection screen shot
dropshare5:///action/capture-pretty Capture & upload pretty screen shot
dropshare5:///action/capture-recording Capture & upload screen recording
dropshare5:///action/upload?file=<path_to_file> Upload file at given path with default connection (or show connection chooser if enabled)
dropshare5:///action/shorten-url?url=<long_url> Shorten URL with configured URL shortener
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