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Anonymous App Usage Tracking

You can choose to opt-in to anonymous app usage tracking to improve the Dropshare apps. This article explains which kind of data is tracked. If you do not explicitly opt-in, no data is tracked at all.

No individual-related information or personal information is ever transmitted.


Dropshare is packed with features, many of which are only used by specific user groups. By getting insight into feature usage, I will be able to improve the overall user experience for all users, and focus on the right features to develop.

Gathered metadata

Event / Feature used Transmitted Data
App Launch App and OS version
Test Connection Name of Storage Provider, e.g. "s3", "backblaze", "nextcloud", …
Upload Name of Storage Provider, e.g. "s3", "backblaze", "nextcloud", …
Mirror Device type, "iOS" or "Android"
Upload with Zone No additional data transmitted
Screen Shot Screen Shot preferences, e.g. selection or window, pretty, …
Screen Recording Screen Recording preferences, e.g. video or GIF, 60 or 30fps, audio enabled, …
Synchronize Preferences Loaded or saved preferences to iCloud
Synchronize Landing Page Loaded or saved landing page to iCloud
AI-named Screen Shot No additional data transmitted
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