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How to set up Rackspace Cloud Files upload

To create an Rackspace Cloud Files connection in Dropshare for iOS, go to Preferences, Manage connections, and tab Add new connection. Select Rackspace Cloud Files from the list of available connection types.

Enter the following information:

  • Enter the name of the container you created in the Rackspace MyCloud. Please make sure the container is Public (CDN Enabled)
  • Enter your Rackspace username
  • Enter the API key for the given username. Obtain this in the Rackspace MyCloud
  • Select your Rackspace region. Rackspace UK and Rackspace US are currently supported
  • Choose whether to use HTTPS connections to Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Optional: Enter your container's domain alias. This requires a CNAME record to be set. (Learn more

Test connection to validate your information. If everything is alright, you can save the connection and start uploading files to Rackspace Cloud Files.


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