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How to use landing pages on iOS

Landing pages are supported in Dropshare for iOS. You have different possibilities on how to set up your landing page.

Go to Preferences, Landing page, and turn on landing pages.

Default landing page

The default landing page requires no set up, and can be previewed with the Preview button in the top right of the navigation bar.

Synchronized landing page

If Dropshare Sync is set up, you can synchronize the landing page created with Dropshare for Mac to your iOS device. Whenever changes are made to your landing page in Dropshare for Mac, these changes will be synchronized back to your iOS devices which have selected to synchronize the landing page.

Custom landing page

If you wish to use a customized landing page for your uploads from iOS, select custom landing page and tap on Set up custom landing page. You can then navigate to the ip address shown with your Mac or PC, and upload the prepared landing page HTML file to your iOS device. 

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