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How to set up a Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage connection

To create a Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage connection in Dropshare for iOS, go to Preferences, Manage connections, and tab Add new connection. Select Backblaze from the list of available connection types.

Please make sure your Backblaze account is enabled for B2 Cloud Storage (check Enabled Products in your Backblaze settings)

  • Create a new Application Key or reuse an existing one: B2 Application Keys
  • Enter the Key ID in the Account ID field and the Application ID in the Application Key field in the connection preferences
  • Create a new Bucket or reuse an existing one: B2 Buckets
  • Enter your Bucket ID and Bucket Name into the fields in the connection preferences

Press Test connection to validate your information. If everything is alright, you can save the connection and start uploading files to Backblaze B2.

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