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Signing up for Dropshare Cloud Teams

You can only sign up for Dropshare Cloud Teams after your administrator has invited you to the team.

You will receive a mail that looks like this:



Just click "here" or the "Join Team Name now!" link to jump straight to setting up your Dropshare Cloud Teams account. From there it's a self-explanatory process: Enter your credentials, confirm your account by following the link in the mail that is automatically sent to and you are are ready to go. You can upload from your Browser by just dragging + dropping a file on the Dropshare Cloud dashboard or use our great apps on macOS and iOS


Already have a Dropshare Cloud account?

Great :) Just make sure you log out from the website, as you will need to create a new account for your Team. You can use both accounts on your Mac and iOS device.

Did you know? In the macOS client you can set a checkmark to always be asked which connection to use. A great way to separate between your professional usage with Dropshare Cloud Teams and your private usage of Dropshare.


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